Reads LÖVE config files

$ luarocks install loadconf

Loadconf helps you read the configurations of LÖVE games, for use in external tooling. Since each LÖVE config is an executable Lua file, we can't meaningfully handle every possible config, but our approach is Good Enough(tm) most of the time.


scm-1dev4 years ago(revision: 2)156 downloads
0.3.6-189 days ago253 downloads
0.3.5-12 years ago1,251 downloads
0.3.4-12 years ago578 downloads
0.3.3-12 years ago69 downloads
0.3.2-14 years ago432 downloads
0.3.1-14 years ago38 downloads
0.3.0-14 years ago131 downloads
0.2.1-14 years ago97 downloads
0.1.0-15 years ago145 downloads


lua >= 5.1, < 5.5

Dependency for

flirt, love-release, loverocks