Entity Component System for Lua.

$ luarocks install tiny-ecs

Pure Lua implementation of an easy to use, compact, fast, and flexible
Entity Component System. Works well with Object Orientation.


scm-0dev8 years ago82 downloads
1.3-37 years ago649 downloads
1.3-27 years ago58 downloads
1.3-17 years ago54 downloads
1.2-18 years ago146 downloads
1.1-78 years ago68 downloads
1.1-68 years ago46 downloads
1.1-58 years ago61 downloads
1.1-48 years ago100 downloads
1.1-38 years ago42 downloads
1.1-28 years ago42 downloads
1.1-18 years ago102 downloads
1.0-28 years ago151 downloads


lua >= 5.1