Uniform error objects for Lua

$ luarocks install exaerror

"exaerror" lets you define errors with a uniform set of attributes. The created error objects can be used in places where strings are expected like in string concatenation.

And you can conveniently raise a Lua `error` from them.

Additionally the resulting code is made to be parseable, so that you can extract an error catalog from the code.

You can find the user guide in the projects GitHub repository.


- User guide: https://github.com/exasol/error-reporting-lua/blob/master/doc/user_guide/user_guide.md


2.0.3-1360 days ago975 downloads
2.0.2-11 year ago446 downloads
2.0.1-11 year ago780 downloads
2.0.0-11 year ago5 downloads
1.2.2-11 year ago378 downloads
1.2.1-11 year ago507 downloads
1.2.0-11 year ago32 downloads
1.1.0-11 year ago13 downloads
1.0.1-11 year ago5 downloads
1.0.0-11 year ago28 downloads


lua >= 5.1, < 5.5

Dependency for

luasql-exasol, virtual-schema-common-lua, virtual-schema-common-lua