Yet Another Lua Object-Oriented Model

$ luarocks install lua-coat

lua-Coat is a Lua 5.1 port of Coat (,
a Perl5 module which mimics Moose (,
an object system for Perl5 which borrows features from Perl6,
CLOS (LISP), Smalltalk and many other languages.


0.9.2-24 years ago536 downloads
0.9.2-1Archived4 years ago2,944 downloads
0.9.1-1Archived4 years ago2,864 downloads
0.9.0-1Archived5 years ago357 downloads
0.8.6-1Archived5 years ago8,655 downloads
0.8.5-2Archived5 years ago58 downloads
0.8.4-1Archived5 years ago50 downloads
0.8.3-1Archived5 years ago46 downloads
0.8.2-1Archived5 years ago36 downloads
0.8.1-1Archived5 years ago11 downloads
0.8.0-1Archived5 years ago77 downloads
0.5.1-2Archived5 years ago50 downloads
0.5.1-1Archived5 years ago137 downloads
0.5.0-2Archived5 years ago60 downloads
0.5.0-1Archived5 years ago56 downloads
0.2.0-1Archived5 years ago26 downloads
0.1.0-1Archived5 years ago77 downloads


lua >= 5.1

Dependency for

lua-CoatPersistent-lsqlite3, lua-CoatPersistent-LuaSQL, lua-Smc