Very fast xml parser based on RapidXML

$ luarocks install xml

This module is part of the Lubyk project.

Main features are:
- Fast and easy to use
- Complete documentation
- Based on proven code (RapidXML)
- Full test coverage

Read the documentation at


1.1.3-18 years ago302,222 downloads
1.1.2-18 years ago546 downloads
1.1.1-19 years ago1,277 downloads
1.1.0-19 years ago134 downloads
1.0.0-19 years ago85 downloads


lua >= 5.1, < 5.4
lub >= 1.0.3, < 2

Dependency for

dub, dub, fhirformats, love-ora, lua-requests, lua-requests-ng, lua-requests, lua-requests, lua-resty-aws-email