MoonCake is Swift like programming language compiles to Lua

$ luarocks install mooncake

MoonCake is Swift like programming language compiles to Lua, you can try it in your browser

also provide vscode extension with LSP support

you can search and install `moochelper` in VS Code extension market

or you can download and install pre-build .vsix from


with differences from Lua

- variable default local scope
- support guard keyword
- support switch keyword
- support continue keyword
- support defer keyword in function scope
- support create class / struct
- support extension class / struct
- support import keyword
- support anonymous function form '{ in }' likes in Swift
- support expression in string like print("5 + 3 = \(5 + 3)")

also support project compile output to Lua first, without any outer dependency.


0.8.20221204-2106 days ago26 downloads
0.8.20221204-1106 days ago6 downloads
0.7.20221112-1128 days ago7 downloads
0.7.20221006-1165 days ago11 downloads
0.7.20220801-1232 days ago21 downloads
0.7.20220703-2260 days ago8 downloads
0.7.20220501-1324 days ago18 downloads
0.6.20220116-11 year ago17 downloads
0.5.20211114-21 year ago21 downloads
0.4.20210925-11 year ago24 downloads
0.4.20210922-11 year ago9 downloads
0.4.20210829-11 year ago13 downloads
0.3.20210627-11 year ago20 downloads
0.0.3-202106191 year ago9 downloads
0.0.3-202106131 year ago10 downloads


lua >= 5.1

Dependency for