Safe templates for Lua

Cosmo is a "safe templates" engine. It allows you to fill nested templates,
providing many of the advantages of Turing-complete template engines,
without without the downside of allowing arbitrary code in the templates.


14.03.04-110 years ago133 downloads
13.01.30-110 years ago75 downloads
10.04.06-110 years ago43 downloads
10.03.31-110 years ago83 downloads
9.09.22-110 years ago272 downloads
8.04.14-110 years ago117 downloads
8.04.04-110 years ago123 downloads
8.02.18-110 years ago118 downloads
current-1dev10 years ago145 downloads


LPeg >= 0.8.1

Dependency for

luma, luma, lunamark, lunamark, lunamark, Orbit, Orbit, Orbit, Restia, SACI, sitegen, Sputnik, webrender