Class Models for The Lua Language

LOOP stands for Lua Object-Oriented Programming and is a set of packages
for supporting different models of object-oriented programming in the
Lua language. LOOP provides five interoperable class-hierarchy-based
object models for Lua. Its class library provides many useful use examples
ranging from single-table data structures to utilities for debugging,
serialization, multi-threading and more.


2.3beta-19 years ago10,008 downloads
2.2alpha-19 years ago96 downloads


lua >= 5.1

Dependency for

ActiveLua-LearningTool, CoThread, fbclient, loopcollections, LOOPComp, loopcomp, loopdebugging, LOOPLib, loopobjects, loopparsing, loopserializing, OiL, OiL, openrtm, Preloader, tethys