MobDebug is a remote debugger for the Lua programming language

MobDebug allows you control the execution of another Lua program remotely,
set breakpoints, and inspect the current state of the program.

MobDebug is based on [RemDebug]( and
extends it in several ways:

* fixed several existing bugs;
* removed dependency on LuaFileSystem;
* added new commands: LOAD, RELOAD, OUT, STACK;
* added support for debugging wxwidgets applications;
* added ability to pause and abort running applications;
* added pretty printing and handling of multiple results in EXEC;
* added stack and local/upvalue value reporting (STACK);
* added on/off commands to turn debugging on and off (to improve performance);
* added support for coroutine debugging (see examples/README for details);
* added support for [Moai]( debugging;
* added support for Lua 5.2;
* added support for LuaJIT debugging;
* added support for cross-platform debugging (with client and server running on different platforms/filesystems);
* tested integration with [ZeroBrane Studio IDE](


0.55-110 years ago498 downloads
0.51-110 years ago100 downloads
0.50-110 years ago73 downloads
0.49-110 years ago72 downloads
0.48-110 years ago76 downloads


lua >= 5.1
LuaSocket >= 2.0

Dependency for

debug.lua, loveheaders