Small build system in between make and a

$ luarocks install moonbuild

moonbuild is a small build system that simplifies your build definitions by allowing you to use declarative as well as imperative rules. It represents the build as a DAG with explicit ordering, and doesn't give you any default confusing rules (unlike make)


2.5.1-157 days ago9 downloads
2.5.0-197 days ago7 downloads
2.4.0-197 days ago0 downloads
2.3.0-297 days ago0 downloads
2.2.2-2115 days ago6 downloads
2.2.1-1115 days ago3 downloads
2.2.0-2115 days ago3 downloads
2.1.3-2116 days ago3 downloads
2.1.2-2119 days ago3 downloads
2.1.1-1121 days ago7 downloads
2.1.0-3121 days ago3 downloads
2.0.0-3121 days ago7 downloads
1.1.3-1175 days ago6 downloads
1.1.2-1176 days ago3 downloads
1.1.1-1176 days ago3 downloads
1.1.0-1176 days ago3 downloads
1.0.3-3176 days ago3 downloads
1.0.2-1176 days ago4 downloads
1.0.1-1176 days ago5 downloads
1.0.0-4176 days ago8 downloads
1.0.0-3176 days ago5 downloads
1.0.0-2176 days ago4 downloads


argparse >= 0.7.1-1
lua >= 5.1
moonscript >= 0.5.0-1