Perihelion Web Framework

$ luarocks install perihelion

Perihelion is a lightweight web framework, similar to Orbit, but
with a very different approach to modularity.


0.16-12 days ago5 downloads
0.14-13 years ago191 downloads
0.13-14 years ago78 downloads
0.12-14 years ago17 downloads
0.11-34 years ago18 downloads
0.11-24 years ago16 downloads
0.11-14 years ago14 downloads
0.10-14 years ago18 downloads
0.9-14 years ago17 downloads
0.8-14 years ago5 downloads
0.7-14 years ago8 downloads
0.5-15 years ago61 downloads
0.4-15 years ago31 downloads
0.3-15 years ago11 downloads


lua >= 5.1