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  • lua-ucl by starius — downloads: 166
    Lua bindings to UCL, data compression library
  • physfs by Xavier Wang — downloads: 216
  • brieflz by jirutka — downloads: 2,245
    Lua binding for BriefLZ compression library
  • lua-zstd by neoxic — downloads: 222
    Zstandard module for Lua
  • unzip by Xavier Wang — downloads: 474
    A Lua module that use minizip to read zip file
  • lua-resty-snappy by bungle — downloads: 738
    LuaJIT FFI bindings for Snappy, a fast compressor/decompressor (
  • lua-ezlib by neoxic — downloads: 177
    Easy zlib module for Lua
  • lua-lz4 by witchu — downloads: 1,216
    LZ4 fast compression algorithm binding for Lua.
  • LuaSrcDiet by jirutka — downloads: 5,698
    Compresses Lua source code by removing unnecessary characters
  • lua-brotli by witchu — downloads: 2,368
    Brotli compression library binding for Lua.
  • luajls by javalikescript — downloads: 96
    luajls is a set of Lua modules for developing stand-alone Lua applications
  • lua-csnappy by fperrad — downloads: 11.3k
    a fast compressor/decompressor
  • LibDeflate by SafeteeWoW — downloads: 19.6k
    Pure Lua compressor and decompressor with high compression ratio using DEFLATE/zlib format.
  • ZipWriter by moteus — downloads: 11.1k
    Library for creating ZIP archive for Lua
  • luazen by philanc — downloads: 11k
    Simple compression, encoding and cryptographic functions.
  • lzlib by hisham — downloads: 54.5k
    Lua bindings to the ZLib compression library
  • lua-zlib by brimworks — downloads: 187k
    Simple streaming interface to zlib for Lua.