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  • lzmq by moteus — downloads: 20.3k
    Lua bindings to ZeroMQ version 3 and 4
  • lsdbus by mk — downloads: 53
    Lua D-Bus bindings based on sd-bus and sd-event
  • lluv by moteus — downloads: 6,058
    Lua low-level binding to libuv
  • signalise by kitsunies — downloads: 34
  • lluv-ssl by moteus — downloads: 935
    Implement SSL/TLS sockets for lluv library.
  • cqueues by daurnimator — downloads: 773k
    Continuation Queues: Embeddable asynchronous networking, threading, and notification framework for Lua on Unix.
  • lzmq-zmq by moteus — downloads: 258
    Wrapper around lzmq library to be compatiable with lua-zmq library
  • lluv-curl by moteus — downloads: 1,036
    Make asyncronus requests using libuv and libcurl
  • EventEmitter by moteus — downloads: 1,684
    Implementation of EventEmitter for Lua.
  • luv by creationix — downloads: 425k
    Bare libuv bindings for lua
  • luajls by javalikescript — downloads: 205
    luajls is a set of Lua modules for developing stand-alone Lua applications
  • luaevent by harningt — downloads: 29.8k
    libevent binding for Lua
  • lua-ev by brimworks — downloads: 39.9k
    Lua integration with libev
  • evdev by tangent128 — downloads: 758
    Lua library for using Linux evdev & uinput interfaces
  • multi by rayaman — downloads: 1,269
    Lua Multi tasking/threading library
  • gntp by moteus — downloads: 413
    Implementation of Growl Notify Transport Protocol (GNTP) for Lua.