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  • aspect by unifire — downloads: 2,589
    Aspect is a powerful Twig/Jinja template engine for Lua / LuaJIT (including OpenResty).
  • lua_to_html by UmFigurante — downloads: 71
    A lua package that turns tables into HTML code with simplicity.
  • gimlet-render by losinggeneration — downloads: 165
    A renderer for HTML templates and JSON for Gimlet Cocktail
  • lua-lhtmlr by knas — downloads: 21
    A fast Lua HTML Parsing/Searching library written in Rust for Lotus Project
  • gumbo by craigb — downloads: 7,086
    HTML5 parser and DOM API
  • HTK by tomasguisasola — downloads: 767
    A library of Lua constructors to create HTML code
  • MoonXML by DarkWiiPlayer — downloads: 728
  • htmlparser by mva — downloads: 4,855
    Parse HTML text into a tree of elements with selectors
  • web_sanitize by leafo — downloads: 11.7k
    Lua library for sanitizing untrusted HTML
  • skooma by DarkWiiPlayer — downloads: 296
    A library for generating HTML functionally
  • lox by josh-feng — downloads: 118
    lua object-model for x/html
  • http_server by MrSyabro — downloads: 69
    Simplest web server
  • Satelito by hs0ucy — downloads: 270
    Static [web] site generator (ssg) made with Lua script.
  • html-entities by TiagoDanin — downloads: 6,537
    Module for lua, decoding html entities :)
  • LuaMinify by Artem3213212 — downloads: 181
    Lua minification library.
  • LuaHTML by luarocks — downloads: 458
    LuaHTML is a template engine that allows the use of Lua code in your HTML websites.
  • ezserv by mahkoe — downloads: 126
    Friendly way to add HTTP/websocket servers to Lua
  • lua-resty-template by bungle — downloads: 906k
    Templating Engine (HTML) for Lua and OpenResty