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  • dromozoa-regexp by moyu — downloads: 1,068
    Regular expressions toolkit
  • lrexrepl by osch — downloads: 254
    Commandline tool: Search and Replace in multiple files using Regular Expressions and Lua
  • Lrexlib-oniguruma by rrt — downloads: 14.6k
    Regular expression library binding (oniguruma flavour).
  • pegex by jugglerchris — downloads: 316
    Regular expression/regexp implementation using LPeg.
  • Lrexlib-GNU by rrt — downloads: 2,823
    Regular expression library binding (GNU flavour).
  • Lrexlib-TRE by rrt — downloads: 986
    Regular expression library binding (TRE flavour).
  • Lrexlib-POSIX by rrt — downloads: 16.5k
    Lua binding of the POSIX regular expression library.
  • regkex by nazrin — downloads: 1,060
    PCRE2 Regex binding. Aims for a comfortable and fast API while giving access to most advanced features and usecases.
  • Lrexlib-PCRE by rrt — downloads: 868k
    Lua binding of the PCRE regular expression library.