Lua table visualizer, ideal for debugging

inspect will print out your lua tables nicely so you can debug your programs quickly. It sorts keys by type and name and handles recursive tables properly.


3.1.0-16 years ago255 downloads


lua >= 5.1

Dependency for

amber-apigw, APIcast, apicast-cli, apisix, argon, atlas, cmft-base-kong, cmft-kong, crescent, debugkit, debugkit-extra, deeptrace, dumper, hnetxt-lua, httpclient, kong, kong, kong-plugin-jwt-crafter, kong-plugin-jwt-crafter, kong-plugin-jwt-crafter-for-ee, kong-plugin-wsse, kong-request-jwt-header, lacord, llix, lredux, luadbd, lua-extended, lua-globals, lualife, lua-lsp, lua-lsp, lua-lsp, lua-resty-console, lua-series, luastream, luatest, moor, nginx-metrix, nomad-lua, opeth-moonstep, pash, Satelito, tableview, tersen, web-driver