Fast and dependency-free uuid generation for OpenResty/LuaJIT

This module is aimed at being a free of dependencies, performant and
complete UUID library for LuaJIT and ngx_lua.

Unlike FFI and C bindings, it does not depend on libuuid being available
in your system. On top of that, it performs **better** than most (all?)
of the generators it was benchmarked against, FFI bindings included.

Finally, it provides additional features such as UUID v3/v4 generation and
UUID validation.


0.0.7-15 years ago479 downloads

Dependency for

amber-apigw, api7-skywalking-nginx-lua, APIcast, APIOAK, Apache APISIX, apisix, cmft-base-kong, cmft-kong, kong, kong, kong-event-pub, lua-resty-iyo-auth, lua-resty-saml, magic-apigw, multistreamer, mygateway, skywalking-nginx-lua, skywalking-nginx-lua-test, zhangsaizz-skywalking-nginx-lua