API turning shell commands into API

$ luarocks install caas

caas is a server API allowing to register arbitrary shell commands and execute them remotely.


1.3.2-03 years ago502 downloads
1.3.1-04 years ago119 downloads
1.3.0-04 years ago39 downloads
1.2.2-04 years ago37 downloads
1.2.1-04 years ago36 downloads
1.2.0-04 years ago36 downloads
1.1.1-04 years ago178 downloads
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1.0.4-04 years ago126 downloads
1.0.3-04 years ago53 downloads
1.0.2-04 years ago40 downloads
1.0.1-04 years ago38 downloads
1.0.0-04 years ago40 downloads


luv ~> 1.32