A feature-rich command-line argument parser

$ luarocks install argparse

Argparse is a feature-rich command line parser for Lua inspired by argparse for Python.

Argparse supports positional arguments, options, flags, optional arguments, subcommands and more. Argparse automatically generates usage, help, and error messages, and can generate shell completion scripts.


scm-2dev2 years ago(revision: 3)3,168 downloads
0.7.1-12 years ago2,281,858 downloads
0.7.0-13 years ago239,008 downloads
0.6.0-13 years ago139,517 downloads
0.5.0-13 years ago44,702 downloads
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lua >= 5.1, < 5.5

Dependency for

altdoc, amber-apigw, APIcast, apicast-cli, Apache APISIX, atlas, candran, cascproxy, ccrunx-compose, ccrunx-image, combustion, cosrun, cosy-client, croissant, cyan, danetool, depgraph, erde, Faketorio, fir, fourmi, fusionscript, gh-md-toc, javaimp, kikgit, lapis, lapis-eswidget, lister, loveheaders, love-release, loverocks, lq, ltl, luacheck, luacheck, luacheck, luacheck, luacov-console, lua-globals, luainlua, luamon, luaprompt, lua-quickcheck, lua-resty-console, lua-rover, luarunner, many2one, mgcints, moonbuild, moonscript, mulua, opeth-opeth, petrisport, rockbuild, rockwriter, runstache, Satelito, shiki, shiplog, sncl, teal-cli, tersen, thingsim, tl, todo, watcher, wowcig, xcomposer