Lua High Performance Web Framework.

$ luarocks install cfadmin

Lua High Performance Web Framework.[]

Efficient asynchronous comes from design, excellent performance practice truth.

Asynchronous I/O - The Network I/O and File I/O have been transformed, and the internal operations are now fully asynchronous.

Rich built-in libraries - Many complete built-in libraries are implemented to complete the development and coverage of all aspects of basic applications.

Automated scheduling - The bottom layer will automatically schedule coroutines, timers and I/O, and you can also choose to control it manually.

Security and Encryption - Provides nearly 60 kinds of hash/digest/hash/signature algorithms, and internally supports SSL Server/Client.

Data Exchange Format - Do you need JSON / PROTOBUF / XML / MSGPACK / BSON ? Great, they are all provided!

Multi-database driver - MySQL / PGSQL / MSSQL / MongoDB are all available, you can also use it as you like.

Enforcement and standardization -The framework forces you to write code, and you can also pass it on to your close friends.


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lua >= 5.3