A Base64 library for Lua

A Base64 library for Lua. Base64 is a base-64 transfer encoding that
uses the characters A-Z, a-z, and 0-9 in that order for the first 62


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lua ~> 5.1

Dependency for

adal-lua, basic-auth, gonapps-jwt, kong, kong-plugin-escher, kong-plugin-wsse, lua-consul, lua-easy-crypto, luajwt, luajwtabcpen, luajwtjitsi, luajwtjitsi-petergood, luajwtossl, lua-requests, lua-requests-ng, lua_resty_netacea, nacl-cli, OAuth, OAuth, oauth_light, pokitdok, web-driver, WSAPI-Basic_Auth, WSAPI-Basic_Auth