Offline speech recognition library binding

$ luarocks install lua-vosk

Vosk is an offline open source speech recognition toolkit.
It enables speech recognition for 20+ languages and dialects -
English, Indian English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese,
Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Vietnamese, Italian, Dutch, Catalan,
Arabic, Greek, Farsi, Filipino, Ukrainian, Kazakh, Swedish,
Japanese, Esperanto, Hindi, Czech, Polish.

This library implements easy to use interface for Vosk API.


1.3-5171 days ago13 downloads
1.3-4183 days ago4 downloads
1.3-3183 days ago3 downloads
1.3-2224 days ago5 downloads
1.3-1227 days ago4 downloads
1.2-1227 days ago3 downloads
1.1-11 year ago11 downloads
1.0-11 year ago61 downloads


lua >= 5.1