Postgres driver for OpenResty and Lua

$ luarocks install pgmoon

PostgreSQL driver written in pure Lua for use with OpenResty's cosocket API. Can also be used in regular Lua with LuaSocket and LuaCrypto.


1.15.0-173 days ago18,709 downloads
1.14.0-1179 days ago24,891 downloads
1.13.0-1306 days ago24,759 downloads
1.12.0-11 year ago60,171 downloads
1.11.0-12 years ago90,991 downloads
1.10.0-13 years ago141,734 downloads
1.9.0-14 years ago96,288 downloads
1.8.0-15 years ago106,887 downloads
1.7.0-15 years ago1,221 downloads
1.6.0-16 years ago6,297 downloads
1.5.0-16 years ago970 downloads
1.4.0-16 years ago12,999 downloads
1.3.0-16 years ago479 downloads
1.2.0-17 years ago13,474 downloads
1.1.1-27 years ago599 downloads
1.1.1-18 years ago1,044 downloads
1.1.0-18 years ago78 downloads
1.0.0-18 years ago86 downloads


lua >= 5.1

Dependency for

cmft-base-kong, cmft-kong, kong, kong, kong-lapis, lapis, lapis, resty-casbin-adapter, tapis