An Object Request Broker in Lua

$ luarocks install oil

OiL stands for ORB in Lua and it is a very portable and lightweight
implementation of easy-to-use object request brokers (ORB) written in Lua.
OiL ORBs are made of assembled components that can be selectively chosen or
replaced to create ORBs with different features. Currently, it provides
components that support cooperative multithreading (with coroutines),
interoperability with CORBA (through IIOP), interception of CORBA
invocations, etc.


0.5-29 years ago1,474 downloads
0.5-19 years ago319 downloads
0.4beta-19 years ago61 downloads


LOOP == 2.3beta
lua >= 5.1
LuaIDL == 1.0.5
LuaSocket >= 2.0

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