Elegant Lua unit testing.

$ luarocks install busted

An elegant, extensible, testing framework. Ships with a large amount of useful asserts, plus the ability to write your own. Output in pretty or plain terminal format, JSON, or TAP for CI integration. Great for TDD and unit, integration, and functional tests.


scm-1dev216 days ago(revision: 3)271 downloads
scm-0dev222 days ago564 downloads
2.1.2-37 days ago10,943 downloads
2.1.1-1215 days ago274,919 downloads
2.1.0-1215 days ago62 downloads
2.0.0-1222 days ago1,753,037 downloads
2.0.0-0222 days ago959 downloads
2.0.rc13-0222 days ago204,946 downloads
2.0.rc12-1222 days ago584,114 downloads
2.0.rc11-0222 days ago64,609 downloads
2.0.rc10-1222 days ago3,240 downloads
2.0.rc10-0222 days ago9,734 downloads
2.0.rc9-0222 days ago688 downloads
2.0.rc8-0222 days ago1,592 downloads
2.0.rc7-0222 days ago1,363 downloads
2.0.rc6-0222 days ago290 downloads
2.0.rc5-0222 days ago606 downloads
2.0.rc4-0222 days ago1,279 downloads
2.0.rc3-0222 days ago6,498 downloads
2.0.rc2-0222 days ago166 downloads
2.0.rc1-0222 days ago232 downloads
2.0.rc0-0222 days ago70 downloads
1.11.1-2222 days ago1,561 downloads
1.11.1-1222 days ago916 downloads
1.11.0-1222 days ago61,002 downloads
1.10.0-1222 days ago5,227 downloads
1.10.0-0222 days ago1,531 downloads
1.9.1-0222 days ago94 downloads
1.9.0-1222 days ago138,964 downloads
1.9.0-0222 days ago24 downloads
1.8-1222 days ago95 downloads
1.8-0222 days ago15 downloads
1.7-1222 days ago82 downloads
1.6-1222 days ago78 downloads
1.5-1222 days ago124 downloads
1.4-1222 days ago195 downloads
1.3-1222 days ago104 downloads
1.1-1222 days ago75 downloads
1.0-1222 days ago85 downloads


dkjson >= 2.1.0
lua >= 5.1
LuaFileSystem >= 1.5.0
luassert >= 1.9.0-1
luasystem >= 0.2.0
lua-term >= 0.1
mediator_lua >= 1.1.1
penlight >= 1.3.2
say >= 1.4-1

Dependency for

busted-stable, Caribay, dd-lua-tester, ddt, gin, ios-icons, ios-icons, jwt, jwt-jitsi, lluv-busted, Loowy, lua-resty-busted, lua-resty-busted2, Luark, lusty, lusty-config, lusty-error-status, lusty-form, lusty-html, lusty-json, lusty-log, lusty-log-console, lusty-mustache, lusty-request-file, lusty-request-pattern, lusty-rewrite-param, lusty-statsd, lusty-store, lusty-store-mongo, lusty-store-mysql, lusty-template, mineunit, mooncrafts, petrisport, promise, riemoon, teliksandi, validate-args, vusted