Elasticsearch client for the Lua language

$ luarocks install elasticsearch-lua

This is an elasticsearch client written in Lua. In accordance with other official low level clients, the client accepts associative arrays in the form of lua table as parameters.
This is a fork of the original module by DhavalKapil, which is no longer maintained.
The 1.0.10 version works with Elasticsearch 7, 8 and Opensearch 2.0, and Lua 5.1-5.3/LuaJIT.


1.0.11-1246 days ago759 downloads
1.0.10-12 years ago1,066 downloads
1.0.6-13 years ago2,810 downloads
1.0.3-15 years ago4,267 downloads
1.0.2-15 years ago607 downloads


lua >= 5.1 <= 5.3
lua-cjson =