Colorer for command-line programs

$ luarocks install cw

cw is a colorer for command-line programs. It is designed to simulate the environment of the commands being executed, so that when you type 'du', 'df', 'ping', etc. in your shell the output is automatically colored according to a definition script. You can easily change or add new scripts, and change the colors used.


2.0.9-1169 days ago16 downloads
2.0.8-14 years ago132 downloads
2.0.7-14 years ago24 downloads
2.0.6-15 years ago117 downloads
2.0.4-19 years ago1,384 downloads
2.0.3-110 years ago78 downloads
2.0.2-110 years ago256 downloads


ansicolors >= 1.0.2
lua >= 5.2
luaposix >= 33.3.1
optparse >= 1.4
stdlib >= 41.2