The cassowary constraint solver.

$ luarocks install cassowary

This is a lua port of the cassowary constraint solving toolkit. It allows you to use lua to solve algebraic equations and inequalities, and find the values of unknown variables which satisfy those inequalities.


scm-0dev1 year ago(revision: 2)4 downloads
2.3.2-11 year ago10,191 downloads
2.3.1-22 years ago(revision: 3)4,257 downloads
2.3.1-12 years ago201 downloads
2.3-12 years ago19 downloads
2.2-14 years ago4,883 downloads
2.2-04 years ago47 downloads
2.1-14 years ago51 downloads
2.0-14 years ago179 downloads
1.1-18 years ago320 downloads
1.0-28 years ago53 downloads
1.0-19 years ago8 downloads


lua >= 5.1
penlight >= 1.5.4

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