The most comprehensive CBOR module in the Lua universe.

$ luarocks install org.conman.cbor

A complete implementation of CBOR (Concise Binary Object
Representation) with all the currently defined bells and whistles,
including string, array and map references (if so desired). A
simpler, small implementation of CBOR is also provided for less
intensive or simpler uses.


1.3.5-11 year ago155 downloads
1.3.4-11 year ago46 downloads
1.3.3-12 years ago87 downloads
1.3.2-13 years ago28 downloads
1.3.1-13 years ago21 downloads
1.3.0-13 years ago21 downloads
1.2.12-14 years ago210 downloads
1.2.11-15 years ago46 downloads
1.2.10-15 years ago25 downloads
1.2.8-15 years ago26 downloads
1.2.7-15 years ago26 downloads
1.2.5-15 years ago25 downloads
1.2.4-16 years ago58 downloads
1.2.3-16 years ago61 downloads
1.2.2-16 years ago64 downloads
1.2.1-26 years ago38 downloads
1.2.0-16 years ago87 downloads
1.1.2-16 years ago36 downloads
1.1.1-16 years ago51 downloads
1.1.0-16 years ago75 downloads
1.0.1-17 years ago66 downloads
1.0.0-17 years ago58 downloads


LPeg ~= 1.0
lua >= 5.1, <= 5.4