Layered caching library for OpenResty

$ luarocks install lua-resty-mlcache

This library can be manipulated as a key/value store caching scalar Lua
types and tables, combining the power of the lua_shared_dict API and
lua-resty-lrucache, which results in an extremely performant and flexible
layered caching solution.


- Caching and negative caching with TTLs.
- Built-in mutex via lua-resty-lock to prevent dog-pile effects to your
database/backend on cache misses.
- Built-in inter-worker communication to propagate cache invalidations and
allow workers to update their L1 (lua-resty-lrucache) caches upon changes
(`set()`, `delete()`).
- Support for split hits and misses caching queues.
- Multiple isolated instances can be created to hold various types of data
while relying on the *same* `lua_shared_dict` L2 cache.


2.6.0-2151 days ago70,747 downloads
2.6.0-1216 days ago39,490 downloads
2.5.0-12 years ago160,376 downloads
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