Lua utility libraries loosely based on the Python standard libraries

$ luarocks install penlight

Penlight is a set of pure Lua libraries for making it easier to work with common tasks like iterating over directories, reading configuration files and the like. Provides functional operations on tables and sequences.


scm-2dev3 years ago112 downloads
scm-1dev3 years ago458 downloads
1.13.1-1139 days ago154,662 downloads
1.13.0-1139 days ago263 downloads
1.12.0-2265 days ago183,310 downloads
1.12.0-1332 days ago78,675 downloads
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1.11.0-11 year ago153,761 downloads
1.10.0-2265 days ago1,518 downloads
1.10.0-11 year ago93,100 downloads
1.9.2-2265 days ago2,684 downloads
1.9.2-12 years ago381,544 downloads
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1.9.1-12 years ago997 downloads
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1.8.1-12 years ago1,772 downloads
1.8.0-2265 days ago778 downloads
1.8.0-12 years ago(revision: 2)35,297 downloads
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1.7.0-13 years ago297,640 downloads
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1.5.3-13 years ago(revision: 2)743 downloads
1.5.2-13 years ago(revision: 2)27,926 downloads
1.5.1-13 years ago(revision: 2)1,649 downloads
1.5.0-13 years ago(revision: 2)243 downloads
1.4.1-13 years ago(revision: 2)78,242 downloads
1.4.0-13 years ago(revision: 2)1,434 downloads
1.3.2-23 years ago(revision: 2)320,668 downloads
1.3.1-13 years ago10,764 downloads
1.2.1-13 years ago(revision: 2)323 downloads
1.1.0-33 years ago692 downloads
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AC-LuaServer, amber-apigw, APIcast, APIOAK, aspect, atlas, busted, busted, busted, busted, Cassowary, ccrunx-compose, cldr, cmft-base-kong, cmft-kong, commonmark, cwtest, dd-lua-tester, ddt, dns, docroc, dogmac, dogma-core, eaw-abstraction-layer, fluent, Formatter, FormatterFiveOne, fss, gin, glyphify, homie, kong, kong, kong-oidc-google-groups, kRPC, ldoc, ldoc, ldoc, libssh, luacov-html, luadist2, LuaDocumentor, luagq, luahue, luaish-windows, luaish-windows, luakuroshiro, LuaLoL, luamon, lua-resty-aws, lua-resty-dns-client, lua-resty-etcd, lua-resty-gaze, lua-resty-healthcheck, lua-resty-uh, LuaTwit, mocka, moonrocks, multipart, nested-cli, nokia-fork-lua-resty-dns-client, npssdk, orange, pokitdok, rockexp, rockspec2cmake, tlua, trepl-torchless, twrl, wowcig