A contemporary DNS library focused on performance using LuaJIT FFI.

$ luarocks install ljdns

The goal of this project is a fast DNS library for testing new RFCs and building DNS services.
It supports all widely used DNS records (DNSSEC included) with a lean and mean API for DNS primitives, messages, asynchronous I/O (including coroutines, TCP Fast Open and SO_REUSEPORT), and DNS over TLS.


2.4-06 years ago196 downloads
0.5-06 years ago28 downloads
0.4-06 years ago67 downloads
0.3-17 years ago26 downloads
0.2-27 years ago(revision: 4)154 downloads
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ljsyscall >= 0.12
lua >= 5.1
lua-cjson >= 2.1.0

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