IPFinder Lua Package

$ luarocks install ipfinder

IPFinder Node.js Client Library
The official Node.js client library for the https://ipfinder.io get details for :
IP address details (city, region, country, postal code, latitude and more ..)
ASN details (Organization name, registry,domain,comany_type, and more .. )
Firewall by supported formats details (apache_allow, nginx_deny, CIDR , and more ..)
IP Address Ranges by the Organization name details (list_asn, list_prefixes , and more ..)
service status details (queriesPerDay, queriesLeft, key_type, key_info)
Get Domain IP (asn, organization,country_code ....)
Get Domain IP history (total_ip, list_ip,organization,asn ....)
Get list Domain By ASN, Country,Ranges (select_by , total_domain , list_domain ....)


1.0.0-12 years ago39 downloads


lua >= 5.1