Network support for the Lua language

$ luarocks install luasocket

LuaSocket is a Lua extension library that is composed by two parts: a C core
that provides support for the TCP and UDP transport layers, and a set of Lua
modules that add support for functionality commonly needed by applications
that deal with the Internet.


scm-1dev3 years ago1,976 downloads
3.0rc1-22 years ago630,376 downloads
3.0rc1-13 years ago37,779 downloads
2.0.2-62 years ago26,921 downloads
2.0.2-53 years ago4,217 downloads
2.0.2-43 years ago624 downloads
2.0.2-33 years ago298 downloads
2.0.2-23 years ago45 downloads
2.0.2-13 years ago83 downloads
2.0.1-33 years ago104 downloads
2.0.1-23 years ago52 downloads


lua >= 5.1, < 5.2

Dependency for

adscaptcha, busted, CGILua, cloud_storage, cloud_storage, cmdbuild, ConcurrentLua, Copas, Copas, copas-ev, cosy-client, cosy-instance, crescent, cwnu-drcom, danetool, elasticsearch, elfs, etcd, ftp, gin, haricot, haricot, harpseal, hotswap-http, hprose, httpclient, http-digest, http-digest, ios-icons, ios-icons, ip-reputation, iris, jeejah, JSON4Lua, JSONRPC4Lua, kong, kong-lapis, kRPC, lapis, leda, lluv-qless, log4l, Loowy, lua-acme, lua-aplicado, lua-cassandra, lua-consul, luahue, luairc, lua-jet, lua-jwc, lualogging, LuaLoL, lua-mastodon, luamqttc, Lua-ReQL, lua-requests, lua-resty-mysql, lua-resty-s3, LuaSec, LuaSec, LuaSelenium, LuaService, lua-smtps, luasoap, luasoap, luasocket-async, lua-Spore, lua-Spore, LuaStatsd, LuaTerminal, LuaTerminalRemote, lua-websockets, lua-wolfram, luaxmlrpc, luaxpl, luaxpl, lube, Luchia, Luchia, lyre, mailgun, mexbt, MobDebug, MobDebug, moonrocks, moonscrape, multipart-post, multipart-post, nats, netcheck, netcheck, OAuth, OAuth, OiL, OiL, opeth-opeth, otouto-test, ovh-api, payments, pegasus, perimeterx-nginx-plugin, Pijaz SDK, Pijaz-SDK, pop3, pop3, prosody, ReCaptcha, redis-lua, redis-lua, RemDebug, Sailor, seawolf, sendmail, sendmail, sidereal, sitegen, SnowplowTracker, SocialLua, solr, Sputnik, statsd, statsd, statsd, tango-complete, tango-complete, tango-copas, tango-copas, telegram-bot-lua, tethys, tls-mailer, twitter, unsplash-lua, uPnPclient, verse, Vert, visdom, whetlab, Xavante, Xavante