An extension of string operations for Lua.

$ luarocks install luastring

This module builds on the base functionality of the string type and aims to not only emulate the Python standard library's string operations, but also exceed it, in both performance & features. LuaString is written in pure Lua to provide good accessibility — for example, scripters in sandboxed environments — and this also makes the module much easier to maintain, so users can put their own spin on the module and I can ensure a minimally buggy experience.

LuaString encourages users to pull code from the source as they please — since there are no internal, nor third-party dependencies — provided you abide by the license. It's a module designed for convenience.

Since this module is at an early state, any feedback would be greatly appreciated. From things to function implementation, to how I worded something on the documentation. Every little bit helps.


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