Fast, friendly, and dynamic ordered table support for your codebase.

$ luarocks install --server=https://luarocks.org/dev ovtable

ovtable offers you fast, friendly, and dynamic ordered table support in your codebase. It features:

- Zero-overhead lookups.
- Helps enhance your readability.
- Good overall run-time performance.
- Zero-overhead assignment outside of ordered operations.
- Becoming polished to reduce your key-strokes, and henceforth reduce errors.
- Very good codebase compatibility with large windows for zero-overhead operations.
- Interested in making the developer experience easier, for such syntactic sugar implementations.
- Compatible with sandboxed developer environments, because it's written in plain Lua.
- No limitation on your keys. Your table can harbor ordered, unordered, numeric, and first-class object keys.

View the documentation here:

Please note, this is an active development package.


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lua >= 5.2