A small library to print colored text

$ luarocks install luatext

A libary providing an abstaction over ANSI escape codes
that allow to print text to terminals in different colors
and with various modifiers.


1.2.1-076 days ago70 downloads
1.2.0-0115 days ago13 downloads
1.1.2-0128 days ago6 downloads
1.1.1-0135 days ago8 downloads
1.1.0-0135 days ago2 downloads
1.0.0-0137 days ago5 downloads
0.1.3-0138 days ago4 downloads
0.1.2-0138 days ago2 downloads
0.1.1-0138 days ago2 downloads
0.1.0-0138 days ago4 downloads


lua >= 5.1

Dependency for

LuaTables, sofa