an Unit Testing Framework

lua-TestMore is a port of the Perl5 module Test::More.

It uses the Test Anything Protocol as output,
that allows a compatibility with the Perl QA ecosystem.

It's an extensible framework.

It allows a simple and efficient way to write tests (without OO style).

Some tests could be marked as TODO or skipped.

Errors could be fully checked with error_like().

It supplies a Test Suite for Lua itself.


0.3.1-19 years ago67 downloads
0.3.0-19 years ago27 downloads
0.2.4-29 years ago105 downloads
0.2.3-29 years ago270 downloads
0.2.2-19 years ago506 downloads
0.2.1-19 years ago71 downloads
0.2.0-19 years ago27 downloads
0.1.0-19 years ago0 downloads


lua >= 5.1

Dependency for

lua-Coat, lua-Coat, lua-CoatPersistent-lsqlite3, lua-CoatPersistent-LuaSQL, lua-CodeGen, lua-CodeGen, lua-Spore, lua-Spore, lua-TestAssertion, lua-TestLongString, lua-TestLongString