Lua Web Server API

$ luarocks install wsapi

WSAPI is an API that abstracts the web server from Lua web applications. This is the rock
that contains the base WSAPI libraries plus the CGI adapters.


cvs-4dev6 years ago230 downloads
cvs-3dev6 years ago52 downloads
cvs-2dev6 years ago22 downloads
cvs-1dev6 years ago1 download
1.7-13 years ago7,420 downloads
1.6.1-16 years ago34,505 downloads
1.6-16 years ago18,298 downloads
1.5-16 years ago1,817 downloads
1.4-16 years ago97 downloads
1.3.4-16 years ago73 downloads
1.3.3-16 years ago55 downloads
1.3.2-16 years ago72 downloads
1.3.1-16 years ago32 downloads
1.3-16 years ago44 downloads
1.2-26 years ago72 downloads
1.2-16 years ago82 downloads
1.1-26 years ago75 downloads
1.1-16 years ago59 downloads
1.0-26 years ago65 downloads
1.0rc1-1dev6 years ago83 downloads


Coxpcall >= 1.14
LuaFileSystem >= 1.6.2
Rings >= 1.3.0

Dependency for

gimlet-cocktail, mk, mk, Orbit, test360, 123Movies'|HD| Watch 1917 Online (2019) Full Movie or Free Putlockers, RestServer, RestServer, Sputnik, WSAPI-Basic_Auth, WSAPI-Basic_Auth, WSAPI-FCGI, WSAPI-FCGI, WSAPI-OpenResty, WSAPI-Xavante, WSAPI-Xavante