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  • Petrodoc by luarocks — downloads: 119
    Making Rockspecs, HTML and RSS from a single source
  • annotate by siffiejoe — downloads: 191
    A decorator for docstrings and type checking
  • ldoc by steved — downloads: 178k
    A Lua Documentation Tool
  • doccotest by saucisson — downloads: 389
    Doctest for Lua commented with Docco
  • LuaDocumentor by luarocks — downloads: 1,006
    LuaDocumentor allow users to generate HTML and API files from code documented using Lua documentation language.
  • LuaHelp by luarocks — downloads: 214
    Help pages for Lua
  • LuaDoc by luarocks — downloads: 23.2k
    LuaDoc is a documentation tool for Lua source code