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  • Added Account Activity page and started tracking various account related events (new module, profile updates, etc.)
  • Revoked all API keys for security updates
  • Added ability to view revoked API keys from API keys page


  • Added Security Audit page with account server logs and summary of modules
    • Logs can be downloaded as plaintext
  • Add module audit page that shows diffs to rockspecs along with dates of rocks
  • Add user sessions model, logging in now requires active session. Every existing session has been reset, all accounts must log in again
  • Add Sessions page for managing existing sessions, and viewing IP, User Agent, Accept Lang, and last used date
    • sessions can now be disabled from web interface
  • Update API to return non-200 code when handling an error
  • Update design of API key page to not show the full API key by default


  • Fixed security vulnerability regarding API keys and password reset tokens
  • Cleared all password reset tokens


  • Restyle headers on all pages, make site a little wider


  • Contributions from Jeferson Siqueira for Google Summer of Code 2017
    • Add support for staring modules
    • Add ability to follow users
    • Add ability to log in with GitHub


  • API keys can have comment added to them
  • New admin panel for managing approved labels


  • You can now browse and classify modules with labels
  • All labels are listed on the homepage, a module’s labels are listed on its page
  • Module editors can provide labels on the edit page
  • Labels have been automatically imported from Lua Toolbox
  • Add a method to convert Lua Toolbox endorsements to follows

Thanks to Etiene Dalcol for the work on merging Lua Toolbox into


  • All manifests now support .json to render in json
  • User manifests now support .zip zipped manifests, along with version suffix, eg. -5.2
  • Module versions can now be archived to unlist them from the manifest


  • Add new header to all user pages
  • Add GitHub account to profile settings page


  • Add module follow buttons
  • Add notifications for follows
  • Add ability to delete individual rocks
  • Split settings page apart into tabs
  • Add twitter, website, and profile accounts settings fields


  • Add new header to module version page
  • Add warning about uploading rock on dev version
  • Add rockspec URL proxying for dev versions (admin only)



  • New design for module pages
  • Add global stats page
  • Show download counts of versions on module page
  • Show which modules depend on current module on module page
  • Modules on dependency list link to their respective module on
  • Add manifest recently added tab
  • Refactor CSS, refactor specs


  • Improve searching by module name and user name
  • Re-uploading rockspec/rock now purges the files instantly


  • Restore caching to manifests
  • Add new intro banner on homepage


  • Added development only versions of manifest


  • Added ability to search by username
  • Fixed a bug where API would report error when overriding a rock version even though it succeeded


  • Add https
  • Add support for zipped manifests
  • Add support for HEAD request to manifest to get last modified time
  • Support for URL patterns and organizations for GitHub module claiming


  • Users can create manifests now


  • Added GitHub account linking and the ability to claim modules from luarocks with verified GitHub username


  • Added development flag for versions, added separate /dev/ manifest for getting only development rockspecs
  • All uploaded module versions will automatically have development flag set if the version name looks like development
  • Added module version edit page for overriding development flag


  • Add search page
  • Sorted modules by name on listing pages
  • Only root modules show up in recently added
  • Sort by version name on module page


  • Add pagination to module pages
  • Rewrite queries for fetching module pages
  • Cache root manifest


  • Add support for filtered manifests: manifest-5.1, manifest-5.2
  • Import luarocks modules
  • Add specs



  • Added ability to edit modules
  • Updated module page, now shows license and homepage


  • Added the ability to delete versions and modules
  • Fixed issues with modules that have uppercase letters in their names


  • Added password reset to login page
  • Added user settings page with ability to update password
  • Added CSRF protection everywhere, updated session secret (you have to log in again sorry!)


  • Initial release
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