$ luarocks install --server=http://luarocks.org <name>
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30log by Yonaba — downloads: 2,430
30 lines library for object orientation
abelhas by luarocks — downloads: 12,346
A particle swarm optimization (PSO) package for Lua
AbsTK by PedroAlvesV — downloads: 358
The Abstract Toolkit – a widget toolkit for GUI and text-mode applications.
ActiveLua-LearningTool by seba — downloads: 188
An implementation of active objects into lua.
adal-lua by alexeldeib — downloads: 43
adoc_cmd_ext by aiq — downloads: 71
A library and script to handle AsciiDoc Command language extensions.
adscaptcha by develCuy — downloads: 56
Port of minteye's AdsCaptcha library to Lua - HEAD
AesFileEncrypt by moteus — downloads: 651
A simple file encryption library
Alien by mascarenhas — downloads: 4,038
Lua->C FFI
alnbox by starius — downloads: 754
Alignment viewer based on the curses library
alt-getopt by mpeterv — downloads: 38,340
Process application arguments the same way as getopt_long
amalg by siffiejoe — downloads: 924
Amalgamation for Lua modules/scripts.
annotate by siffiejoe — downloads: 145
A decorator for docstrings and type checking
annoy by starius — downloads: 61
Approximate Nearest Neighbors Oh Yeah
ansi by Lawful_Lazy — downloads: 59
Control the Terminal with ANSI Escape Codes
ansicolors by kikito — downloads: 125,697
Library for color Manipulation.
ao by peterbillam — downloads: 398
A library for audio output through Lua
APIcast by 3scale — downloads: 696
apicast-cli by 3scale — downloads: 445
A Lua tool to bootstrap [apicast](https://github.com/3scale/apicast) project.
apidemo by tylerneylon — downloads: 303
A module to teach or learn about Lua's C API
arc4random by mikejsavage — downloads: 732
A Lua wrapper around OpenBSD's arc4random
argcheck by geoffleyland — downloads: 80
Checks function arguments against specifications parsed from comments
argmatcher by gilzoide — downloads: 85
Simple command line argument matcher for Lua
argon2 by thibaultcha — downloads: 290
Lua C binding for the Argon2 password hashing algorithm
argon2-ffi by thibaultcha — downloads: 207
LuaJIT FFI binding for the Argon2 password hashing algorithm
argparse by mpeterv — downloads: 28,887
A feature-rich command-line argument parser
argv by mah0x211 — downloads: 22
argument vector handling module
array by evandrolg — downloads: 242
A small library with useful methods to handle Lua's table when it's working like an Array
AskLua by luarocks — downloads: 161
Adds interactive help to other modules
astar by reasonmix — downloads: 125
a star algorithm
async by bartbes — downloads: 970
A love library for asynchronous background computation
audiodataload by heini — downloads: 117
A library for loading audio based features in torch
auth0-nginx by maxamante — downloads: 338
An Auth0 + nginx integration
authy-lua by failfish — downloads: 276
Lua port of the Authy API client for Python.
autoblock by IvanVaskevych — downloads: 22
Kong is a scalable and customizable API Management Layer built on top of Nginx.
awesome-autostart by warptozero — downloads: 45
A reliable run-only-once autostart module for Awesome WM
awesome-freedesktop by copycat-killer — downloads: 77
Freedesktop.org menu and desktop icons support for Awesome WM
babel by damvgn — downloads: 157
A simple internationalisation module
base by Oka — downloads: 72
Derivative Object-oriented Programming
base2base by catwell — downloads: 327
A base-to-base converter
base58 by leafo — downloads: 375
Base58 encoding and decoding for Lua
basexx by aiq — downloads: 26,128
A Lua library which provides base2(bitfield), base16(hex), base32(crockford/rfc), base64(rfc/url), base85(z85) decoding and encoding.
basic-auth by jairojair — downloads: 123
Basic Authentication written in Lua.
basics by HeinrichHartmann — downloads: 87
Battery Status by svarog — downloads: 445
Battery status indicator.
BBCode by Karai17 — downloads: 82
BBCode parser for Lua.
bcrypt by mikejsavage — downloads: 13,234
A Lua wrapper for bcrypt
bcrypt-ffi by djmax — downloads: 343
LuaJIT FFI binding for the bcrypt password hashing algorithm
bencode by mw — downloads: 512
library for encoding and decoding bencoded data
ber by aperezdc — downloads: 89
BER and ASN.1 encoder and decoder
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