LuaRocks is the package manager for Lua modules.

It allows you to create and install Lua modules as self-contained packages called rocks. You can download and install LuaRocks on Unix and Windows. Get started

LuaRocks is free software and uses the same license as Lua.

Recent Modules (View all) (Recent versions)

I can transfor param into upstream.
sleep by squeek502 — downloads: 12
Millisecond-precision sleep function
memreader by squeek502 — downloads: 13
Windows process memory reading library
dromozoa-dom by moyu — downloads: 3
DOM DSL and serialization
flvk by iZarif — downloads: 73 Lua API wrapper

Most Downloaded(This week)

lua-cjson by OpenResty — downloads: 1,336,946
Fast JSON encoding/parsing support for Lua
lua-geoip by agladysh — downloads: 956,756
Bindings for MaxMind's GeoIP library
LPeg by gvvaughan — downloads: 834,284
Parsing Expression Grammars For Lua
LuaFileSystem by hisham — downloads: 820,428
File System Library for the Lua Programming Language
LuaSocket by luarocks — downloads: 816,414
Network support for the Lua language

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audio, authentication, awesome, aws, base-n, batteries, bitwise, commandline, compression, crypto, database, datastructure, dbus, debug, dns, doc, email, event, feed, ffi, filesystem, game, git, gui, haml, html, http, i18n, image, ini, irc, jit, json, lapis, lint, linux, logs, love, lpeg, markdown, math, messagepack, metalua, mjolnir, moonscript, mpi, network, object, openresty, posix, redis, regexp, rocks, search, serialization, spreadsheet, statemachine, strict, template, test, threads, time, torch, unicode, web, wiki, windows, wsapi, xml, yaml, zeromq

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Quick Start

Installing LuaRocks in a Unix system:

$ wget
$ tar zxpf luarocks-2.4.3.tar.gz
$ cd luarocks-2.4.3
$ ./configure; sudo make bootstrap
$ sudo luarocks install luasocket
$ lua
Lua 5.3.4 Copyright (C) 1994-2017, PUC-Rio
> require "socket"

On Windows? Installation instructions for Windows.

Contributing Modules

Anyone can upload and host Lua modules.

Register an account and upload a .rockspec to create a new module. If your module name is not taken it will be added to the root manifest.

After you have uploaded a .rockspec, you can upload .rock files for a specific version by going to the version’s page. Rock files ensure that your module will be installable as long as this site is up.

The most recent version of LuaRocks supports uploading modules with the upload command:

$ luarocks upload my_thing-1.0-1.rockspec

For older LuaRocks installations, you can use moonrocks:

$ luarocks install moonrocks
$ moonrocks upload my_thing-1.0-1.rockspec

Read more on the About Page.