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sendmail by luarocks — downloads: 31
Simple wrapper around luasoket smtp.send
pop3 by luarocks — downloads: 127
Simple POP3 client library for Lua 5.1/5.2
sendmail by moteus — downloads: 554
Simple wrapper around luasoket smtp.send
tethys by luarocks — downloads: 173
Tethys SMTP Server
lluv-curl by moteus — downloads: 6
Make asyncronus requests using libuv and libcurl
pop3 by moteus — downloads: 695
Simple POP3 client library
imap4 by vrld — downloads: 424
Simple IMAP4 protocol wrapper. by spc476 — downloads: 60
Parse RFC-5322 based email messages
lua-smtps by luarocks — downloads: 800
an implementation of SMTPS for Lua
Lua-cURL by moteus — downloads: 41,962
Lua binding to libcurl