$ luarocks install --server= <name>


  • haskell-snippets.nvim by MrcJkb — downloads: 176
    My collection of Haskell snippets for LuaSnip. Powered by tree-sitter and LSP.
  • haskell-tools.nvim by MrcJkb — downloads: 4,021
    Supercharge your Haskell experience in neovim!
  • neotest-haskell by MrcJkb — downloads: 152
    Neotest adapter for Haskell (cabal or stack) with support for Sydtest, Hspec and Tasty
  • nvim-lastplace by MrcJkb — downloads: 42
    A Neovim plugin that intelligently reopens files at your last edit position (a Lua rewrite of vim-lastplace)
  • rustaceanvim by MrcJkb — downloads: 2,035
    Supercharge your Rust experience in Neovim! A heavily modified fork of rust-tools.nvim
  • telescope-manix by MrcJkb — downloads: 403
    A telescope.nvim extension for Manix - A fast documentation searcher for Nix