lua-resty-core - New FFI-based Lua API for ngx_http_lua_module and/or ngx_stream_lua_module.

$ luarocks install lua-resty-core

This pure Lua library reimplements part of the ngx_lua module's Nginx API for Lua with LuaJIT FFI and installs the new FFI-based Lua API into the ngx.* and ndk.* namespaces used by the ngx_lua module.

In addition, this Lua library implements any significant new Lua APIs of the ngx_lua module as proper Lua modules, like ngx.semaphore and ngx.balancer.

The FFI-based Lua API can work with LuaJIT's JIT compiler. ngx_lua's default API is based on the standard Lua C API, which will never be JIT compiled and the user Lua code is always interpreted (slowly).

Support for the new ngx_stream_lua_module has also begun.

This library is shipped with the OpenResty bundle by default. So you do not really need to worry about the dependencies and requirements.


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