A wrapper around LuaFileSystem that implements some more functions.

$ luarocks install filekit

filekit simplifies the methods used by lfs and implements some other functions
for checking whether files exist, getting octal permissions... It also serves
as a drop-in replacement for the ComputerCraft FS API, so you might write
programs compatible with both platforms (CC and PC).


scm-2dev1 year ago4 downloads
scm-1dev1 year ago10 downloads
1.4-1324 days ago325 downloads
1.3-11 year ago28 downloads
1.2.2-11 year ago5 downloads
1.2.1-11 year ago5 downloads
1.1.1-11 year ago5 downloads
1.1-11 year ago4 downloads
1.0.1-11 year ago22 downloads
1.0-11 year ago56 downloads


lua >= 5.1

Dependency for

alfons, altdoc, cosrun, debugkit, fir, rockbuild, rockwriter