Attribute-based access management for NGSI requests using the iSHARE framework

$ luarocks install kong-plugin-ngsi-ishare-policies

Inspects NGSI requests and checks for corresponding attribute-based access policies.
Requires an EORI and key/certificate issued by an authority and registered at an
iSHARE Scheme Owner/Satellite.
Also requires an iSHARE-compliant authorisation registry for accessing the iSHARE policies.


0.5.2-116 days ago5 downloads
0.5.1-121 days ago3 downloads
0.5.0-146 days ago3 downloads
0.4.0-156 days ago3 downloads
0.3.3-1143 days ago11 downloads
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lua >= 5.1
lua-fiware-lib >= 0.0.6-1