A fast csv library written in pure Lua

$ luarocks install ftcsv

ftcsv is a fast and easy to use csv library for lua. It can read in CSV files,
do some basic transformations (rename fields) and can create the csv format.
It supports UTF-8, header-less CSVs, and maintaining correct line endings for
multi-line fields.

It supports loading an entire CSV file into memory and parsing it as well as
buffered reading of a CSV file.


1.2.0-1100 days ago187 downloads
1.1.6-12 years ago567 downloads
1.1.5-12 years ago4 downloads
1.1.4-12 years ago494 downloads
1.1.3-13 years ago263 downloads
1.1.2-13 years ago22 downloads
1.1.1-13 years ago14 downloads
1.1.0-14 years ago703 downloads
1.0.3-14 years ago26 downloads
1.0.2-14 years ago22 downloads
1.0.1-14 years ago21 downloads
1.0.0-14 years ago29 downloads


lua >= 5.1, <5.4