LUA WAMP router

$ luarocks install wiola

WAMP implementation on Lua, using the power of LUA Nginx module,
Lua-Resty-WebSocket addon, and Redis as cache store.
This package works both in Nginx enviroment with installed ngx_lua
and lua-resty-websocket modules and OpenResty platform.


0.11.0-111 days ago7 downloads
0.10.0-125 days ago1 download
0.9.1-2210 days ago13 downloads
0.9.1-1210 days ago0 downloads
0.9.0-1222 days ago4 downloads
0.8.0-1235 days ago4 downloads
0.7.0-21 year ago46 downloads
0.7.0-11 year ago3 downloads
0.6.1-11 year ago36 downloads
0.6.0-22 years ago22 downloads
0.5.2-12 years ago15 downloads
0.5.1-12 years ago49 downloads


lua >= 5.1
rapidjson >= 0.5
redis-lua >= 2.0